Foods That Help Cure Acne

While the exact causes of acne cannot be singled down to one particular item, and there are many different things that contribute to acne, one thing that often plays a part in acne and skin problems is diet. The food you eat and your nutritional habits have plenty of influence on the appearance of your skin. While there is no exact list of what foods cause acne, many people notice that certain foods seem to influence skin outbreaks, and make a connection between the times their acne is worse and specific foods have been eaten. Avoiding certain types of food or food groups has also helped some people in controlling their acne and skin problems.

Typical of scientific studies, specialists are constantly changing their opinions on causes. For years many argued that there was no connection between diet and acne, while others were convinced there was a link, and performed studies and researched in hope of providing substantial evidence. Today most specialists will agree that there is a connection between diet and acne, although that does not mean it is the only cause or that it will be related to acne in every case. There are many cases where diet will have a major influence on acne, but many others where the acne is caused by other variables.

Although foods that cause acne may vary in different cases, not every food that causes acne in one person will have the same effect on another. In addition, many foods that are linked to acne will have no effect at all on many people. Every person’s body is different, and we all react in various ways to different substances. However, there are foods that should generally be avoided if you suffer from or have experienced problems with acne.

Foods with a low-glycemic index such as barley, whole wheat breads and pastas, beans, lentils, milk, strawberries, and apples have been linked to nutritional diets that have helped in acne treatment. High-glycemic foods such as refined grains, white bread, white potatoes, and certain tropical fruits have been connected with augmentation of the problem.

It is important to remember that even if you suffer from acne, not every one of these foods is necessarily the cause of your acne, there may be other parts of your diet that are related to your particular case of acne, or diet may not have any influence on your case at all. The most important thing in combating acne is to consult a specialist to find out what you need to do in order to find optimum treatment for your acne.

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