Acne Treatment

If you’re suffering from an acne condition and have scars on your skin, it may seriously be affecting your social life. Some people avoid going outside their home, just to avoid the humiliation of being seen. The good news is, it is possible to treat your condition, however depending on the extent of your condition, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Today, there are numerous treatments available for all sorts of conditions, and just like any products on any industries, those products come with the same claim as the best acne treatment available. However, the type of treatment you opt to will be highly dependent on the extent to which acne has affected your skin.

As mentioned before, there are numerous types of treatments available for people who suffer from this skin problem. The most common thing to do would be to take both an oral and external medication. When you visit your dermatologist for the first time, they would most likely give you a specific cream or probably along with tablets. The tablets are more of an antibiotic solution for acne that works towards killing the bad cells at the tissue level.

The medications you take will not necessarily help with the acne scar removal, but it will help in slowing down the growth of further scars. These acne medications are known as systemic medications which help with your overall skin condition, without causing much harm to your skin or health. Topical creams are very much alike, as they all contain proportionate amounts of benzyl peroxide. This substance has a large effect in removing bad skin cells from acne scars and bumps. This is one of the reasons why doctors recommend that you wash your face or skin before applying the acne cream.

In terms of acne treatment, there are various forms available to us today. From the beginning of time, we’ve had immediate access to natural treatments, which include holistic acne treatment, which work with the use of herbs and food products. Some people may not prefer home remedies for acne, as they may not be as efficient as proven doctoral treatments. One of the more popular forms of acne scar treatment has been laser skin cure. With the use of lasers, all sorts of acne conditions can be treated.

Let’s have a look at some of the modern day treatments available and how they work towards removing the skin scars and marks. Keep in mind that, treatment for pimple is different from what is done to remove acne scars. You may have come across popular solutions or products such as Proactive, which helps in clearing your face over several weeks. Now, true treatments for acne can be divided into three groups; topical, systemic and procedural. Before you begin the treatment process it is advised that you know the level of the skin problem you have and an estimated time in terms of treatment.

Topical Acne Creams

This type of treatment comes as a cream, solution as well as specific ointment. You are required to physically apply the solution to the affected areas. It is best to always wash the affected areas before applying any of the topical creams. If your acne condition is not severe and very mild, you could find a solution over the counter. Just speak to a pharmacist to help you in choosing a good ointment. As mentioned earlier, these topical creams will include one of the following; sulphur, benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid or resorcinol. If you’re prescribed a specialty acne lotion, it may contain clindamycin, adapalene, tretinoin or azelaic acid.

Systemic Acne Treatment

Systemic treatments work on the inside, through tablets and pills you take orally. In some cases, system treatment consists of injections which are put into the body. Dermatologists will recommend that you take pills because of the extent of your acne condition. If topical creams will not get the job done, oral medications are added to the treatment to help with the cure. There are several types of medications a doctor could give you and they include antibiotics such as doxycycline, minocycline, tetracycline, erythromycin and isotretinoin. Additionally, there are hormonal acne tablets available for pregnant women.

Procedural Acne Treatment

Procedural treatments which are sometimes referred to as doctoral procedures are therapies designed to treat the pimples problem. These treatments are used in the event that the acne condition is not mild and quite severe. A number of treatment methods exist for acne conditions of this severity. The following are some of the most common treatment options available for this condition.

Corticosteroid Injections

In an effort to reduce inflammation from cysts, doctors can inject a special type of steroid. This steroid also helps in speeding up the overall healing time of the condition. Cysts are never fun to have and they can really damage your skin if they are left to be, so make sure to get them checked out if you have any.

Light Chemical Peels

This is a common acne scar removal treatment that works in a different way to treat the pimples. With the use of acidic solutions, doctors will first exfoliate the skin region at a fairly deep level. Overtime, this will help in removing dead skin cells while still curing your skin marks and condition as a whole.


A handful of spas have started offering this type of service for their customers. With the use of a dedicated machine, small crystal like bullions are put on to the face to remove any dead skin cells. It works towards removing debris within your pores without any pain or skin marks. This treatment has worked for millions of people and they usually prefer it as it can be done at the spa. This type of treatments is the best option for those who have a lot of blackheads.

Laser Therapy

One of the more recent treatment methods to be invented by medical professionals that promises to be able to help you to get rid of acne fast. With the use of a powerful laser, the skin’s sebum glands are reduced in size while still slowing down inflammation. The one good thing about laser acne treatment is that it could be used for any level of severity. Whether you have a mild condition or a severe condition, laser treatment will work for you. Even with laser treatment, there are various branches of methods available to use on patients. In the end, it all comes down to your doctor’s final word.